A jewel in the digital world


Las joyas son piedras preciosas que a todos nos gustan. Con ellos nos sentimos a gusto y nos identificamos con ellos, pero no cualquier joya va con nuestra personalidad, nuestra energía, nuestro físico.

Es por eso que cada una de nuestras joyas (Amatista, Zafiro, Diamante Rojo, Circón y Grandidierita) representa un servicio especial en el mundo digital, no solo por su color y simbolismo, sino también por su corte característico.


Banner Amatista

La joya del diseño, Amethyst

La amatista representa el servicio de diseño web, es el cristal más útil, aporta sentido común, sabiduría y armonía. En algún momento este cuarzo ha llamado nuestra atención por su distintivo color violeta y las formas que puede construir de forma natural.

Our jewel has an oval cut (oval), this cut reflects that we are in constant evolution, we are able to change and adapt, but maintaining standards within the industry.

On the other hand, from the digital world we seek that each design represents the brand, not only at the level of colors, but that each written word transmits and evokes an emotion, and each image leaves the feeling to your target audience to want more, know more and say: WOW!


Banner Zafiro

The jewel of technology, Sapphire

The sapphire with its representative blue color, is literally in the technology and was used for a while in the screens of the mobile devices to give it more hardness and resistance.

Curious fact, isn’t it? But of course, as every gem is synonymous with status and exclusivity, it raised the price of the screens causing them to be replaced over time by Gorilla Glass technology.

Our sapphire jewel has a pear or teardrop cut, giving that stylistic illusion, a fluid and creative shape with an exquisite and attractive appearance.

The sapphire for us is still status and exclusivity that is demonstrated in each of the web developments, as well as a jeweler carves each gem with such precision and care, we make each person or brand, feel proud of the result in the digital world.


Estandarte Diamante Rojo

The jewel of Security, Red Diamond

Diamond is one of the most resistant gems in the mineral world. Its red color alludes to the fact that we must always be alert and take measures to prevent and respond to incidents.

Our red diamond jewel has a radiant type cut with the corners cut and the apexes straight. It is especially characterized by its large dimensions and reflects very well the light that overcomes the shadows.

In our digital world, it refers to the computer security that is so important in these times and if it were not taken into account, we would be exposed to possible cyber-attacks that are found in the digital world (without having to be the targets of those attacks).

This is why we are committed to our clients, who in each development, have a computer security configuration in order to keep their digital jewels protected.


Banner Circón

The jewel of analysis, Zircon

The zircon jewel is the oldest gem on earth and that is why, if it had a life of its own and talked to us, it would have many stories to tell us hahaha.

For us, the zircon jewel represents the data analysis department, in this department we collect valuable data from our customers’ websites to help them improve their business in the digital world, converting the data into information for making good decisions.

Curiously, our zircon jewel has a cushion cut, being this the oldest form (an update of the so-called Old Mine cut of the 18th century) and requires very high quality stones.

In addition, it has the Greek letter phi (φ) carved, which represents the golden number (also called the gold number). This number is present in all nature and therefore means perfection and wisdom.


Estandarte Grandidierita

The legal jewel, Grandidierite

The “Grandi” jewel or better known by us and affectionately as “Grandi”, represents all legal aspects within the digital world.

Not only must we protect ourselves from possible attacks, but we must also protect our digital assets from the legal standpoint and also protect our clients.

That is why we have lawyers who are specialists in the digital world, both nationally and internationally.

Our Grandi jewel has a trilliant cut, it is considered excellent for the ability to enhance the light within the stone.

Basically it is a triangular shape, its base is solid and this cut usually improves the visibility within it, allowing to recognize the tonalities within the stone.

In addition, the jewel with its translucent color refers to the fact that we always seek legal transparency in every agreement, to ensure that all parties understand what is written without inconvenience and feel supported by legal documents.

Banner Joyacorp

Como ves estas son las cinco gemas que representan cada uno de nuestros servicios: diseño, desarrollo, seguridad, análisis y gestión legal en el mundo digital.

Juntos forman un símbolo, una joya muy especial llamada Joyacorp, donde cada persona que forma nuestro equipo, cada aliado, cada cliente se convierte en un diamante que debemos cuidar y apoyar, para que juntos podamos construir joyas en la web.


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