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JoyaCorp is a technology and information security company, specialized in consulting, conceptualization, design, development, positioning, protection and maintenance of websites.
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JoyaCorp nace en el año 2018, debido a las deficiencias encontradas en empresas nacionales e internacionales en el sector tecnología. Iniciamos como una empresa de desarrollo tecnológico, dedicados tanto al diseño de páginas web como al desarrollo de software. In those days, we developed a study control system software for the Oxford Institute of English, which is still in use today.During the pandemic and its consequences on the market, we decided to concentrate and update our business model and value proposition, offering comprehensive services and/or tailored to the requirements of the project, focusing on the design, development and maintenance of a comprehensive digital ecosystem of websites, and investment proposals tailored to customers of all sizes.Today we are sure it was the right decision. It allowed us to focus on usability, web performance, user experience, organic positioning and optimization based on data-driven decisions, differentiate ourselves and position ourselves to reach clients such as the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and the Venezuelan Chamber of Construction, as well as various international business partners.



To create, professionalize and optimize the presence, visibility and positioning in the digital world of MSMEs, large companies, institutions and organizations, increasing their opportunities for communication, interaction, growth, prospecting, sustainability and reputation, while together we generate value for our employees, customers, business partners and the community in general.


Generate and manage an integral digital ecosystem for the design, development and maintenance of a web page, that responds to the essence, purpose and objectives of the project and guarantees innovation, excellent usability, user experience and organic positioning, with the consequent accompaniment to the client in each phase of the process and the fulfillment of the agreements and established times.


To become leaders in the development of innovative and specialized web development solutions to compete in high-speed markets, focusing on greater and better accessibility, functionalities and applications, data management, services, security and efficiency in results.



In the fulfillment of the objectives in the times established with the client and according to the norms applicable to the legal and social frameworks in force.


In each of our products and services, together with permanent professional advice, guidance and support in each phase of the project.


Equity and inclusion as fundamental principles in all our relationships and actions.


To improve the notoriety and competitiveness of our customers.


Through the use of the most updated technology together with our knowledge and experience in the creation, optimization, integration, improvement and/or automation of resources, processes and tools, to keep us at the forefront in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market.
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