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“Including web maintenance in your budget from the beginning will give you peace of mind and avoid unexpected costs in the future”.

Our maintenance service ensures that your website stays up to date and functional with optimal performance, while maintaining its attractiveness with the required updates.

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Having a website that generates business opportunities is not a one-time task. Maintenance includes preventive and corrective actions on the structure, architecture, design and usability or performance, general cleaning tasks and backups, performance monitoring, load speed tests, design, content and/or functionality updates and SEO positioning check, favoring organic positioning and avoiding its deterioration over time.

We offer semi-annual and annual packages, according to the personalized requirements of each client. We also provide web page maintenance services, even if it has not been done by our team of professionals.

Web maintenance is your best ally to take care of your most valuable asset: your website!

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Preventive web Maintenance

Preventive Web Maintenance JoyaCorp

Preventive web maintenance contains the following:

  • Periodic backups.
  • Periodic updates.
  • Minor changes to the website.

SEO web Maintenance

SEO Web Maintenance JoyaCorp

SEO web maintenance includes the following:

  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Web Positioning.
  • Preventive Web Security.

Complete web Maintenance

Preventive Web Maintenance, SEO and Web Analytics.

The complete web maintenance contains the following:

  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • SEO Maintenance.
  • Web Analytics.
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