We are specialists in technology and information security, turning businesses into jewels on the web.

JoyaCorp was born in 2018, due to the deficiencies found in national and international companies in the technology sector. We started as a technology development company, dedicated to both web design and software development. At that time, we developed a study control system software for the Oxford Institute of English, which is still in use today.

During the pandemic and its consequences in the market, we decided to concentrate and update our business model and value proposition, offering integrated services and/or tailored to project requirements, focusing on the design, development and maintenance of a comprehensive digital ecosystem of websites, and investment proposals tailored to clients of all sizes.

Today we are confident that it was the right decision. It allowed us to focus on usability, web performance, user experience, organic positioning and optimization based on data-driven decisions, differentiate ourselves and position ourselves to reach clients such as the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and the Venezuelan Chamber of Construction, as well as various international business partners.

Business Philosophy


To create, professionalize and optimize the presence, visibility and positioning in the digital world of MSMEs, large companies, institutions and organizations, increasing their opportunities for communication, interaction, growth, prospecting, sustainability and reputation, while together we generate value for our employees, customers, business partners and the community in general.


Generate and manage an integral digital ecosystem for the design, development and maintenance of a website, that responds to the essence, purpose and objectives of the project and guarantees innovation, excellent usability, user experience and organic positioning, with the consequent accompaniment to the client in each phase of the process and the fulfillment of the agreements and established times.


To become leaders in the development of innovative and specialized web development solutions to compete in high-speed markets, focusing on greater and better accessibility, functionalities and applications, data management, services, security and efficiency in results.

At the heart of our philosophy lies a set of values that define us: Responsibility, Quality, Transparency, Excellence, and Innovation. These values are the pillars that support and guide us in every step we take. But beyond being corporate principles, they are a reflection of our empathy and commitment to every client, every project, every dream. Because at JoyaCorp, we don't just build technology, we build relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Team

Meet José Guzmán, our dynamic and empathetic General Director (CEO) at JoyaCorp. With a degree in Computer Science from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), further studies in Social Psychology at Wesleyan University, and research in Forensic Computing and Cyber Law at the University of Extremadura, José is a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise.

But José is more than just a CEO. He's the driving force behind JoyaCorp. His unique blend of tech-savviness and understanding of human behavior allows him to navigate the digital landscape with an eye for both detail and the bigger picture.

José's leadership style is as innovative as it is inclusive. He believes in the power of technology to transform businesses into jewels on the web, but he also knows that it's the people behind the tech who truly enable progress and transformation. That's why he fosters a culture of transparency, excellence, and innovation at JoyaCorp.

In his free time, José enjoys exploring the latest tech trends, reading about social psychology, mastering the art of negotiation, and contributing to discussions on Google Developer platforms. But most importantly, he loves to laugh and bring a sense of fun to the workplace. Because at JoyaCorp, we believe that work should be challenging, rewarding, and yes, a little bit fun.

Meet Jesús Gonzalez, our dedicated Chief Data and Analysis Officer (CDAO) at JoyaCorp. Holding a degree in Mathematics from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Jesús is a true master in the art of turning numbers into narratives.

In addition to being a data expert, Jesús also handles Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). His ability to analyze data and trends enables him to assist our clients in making informed decisions that drive their online success.

Jesús is more than just a CDAO. He is the engine behind JoyaCorp, steering our data strategy with a clear vision and a focused approach. His leadership is as innovative as it is inclusive. He believes in the power of data and technology to transform businesses into gems on the web, but he also understands that it's the human team working with the data that truly drives success and innovation.

In his free time, Jesús enjoys exploring the latest trends in data analysis, reading about applied mathematics, and contributing to discussions in international positioning groups. But most importantly, he loves to bring a sense of fun to the workplace. Because at JoyaCorp, we maintain the conviction that work should be a stimulating challenge, a rewarding experience, and of course, have its share of fun.

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