Zircon the jewel of information


At Joyacorp, through our data mining service nicknamed with the name of the “Zircon” jewel, we take charge of carrying out brand valuation studies in the different types of existing markets, as well as consumer attitudes. Facilitating this way, making strategic decisions regarding marketing, as well as finding patterns of behavior among different types of consumers.

We are also in charge of analyzing patterns of behavior regarding the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, helping to detect new business opportunities in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

These behavior patterns allow investors to efficiently make purchase and sale decisions at the right time in order to maximize their profits and reduce potential risks to a greater extent.

All these analyzes are done in the department of mathematics of the corporation, using data mining techniques (machine learning, statistics and database systems), allowing medium and large companies to obtain valuable knowledge that allows them to achieve effective solutions and efficient to improve and optimize business performance.

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